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Welcome to the LETS Webring!

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The LETS webring is intended for all sites related to Local Exchange Trading Systems -- theoretical resources, homepages of local groups, indexes, discussions... It may also include multilingual sites (SEL,...) and sites related to other types of exchange trade, such as Barter and Hours.

Personal, promotional and commercial websites will not be allowed. This webring is intended for open, non-profit initiatives only.

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The ringmaster reserves the right to refuse websites based on their ideology and their appropriateness to the goals of this list.

This webring is maintained by Sandra Fauconnier, member of LETS Gent and LETS Antwerpen (Belgium). Questions and comments are welcome.

This webring was previously hosted by Webring, which was taken over by Yahoo!. Since we are unsatisfied with Yahoo!s policies, we have switched to the free Ringsurf service.

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